Building the Next Generation

The Center strives to uphold investigative journalism as a necessary and crucial tool for a racially equitable and just democracy by serving as an uncensored and bold incubator for investigative journalists trained in pro-democracy journalism and the traditions of the Black press. Our programs help to power this impact.

Journalism Education and HBCU Capacity Strengthening

Building a rigorous and accessible training program for students and faculty at Howard and across HBCU journalism programs to gain relevant knowledge and practical, hands-on skills in investigative journalism.

Student Support and Engagement

Providing opportunities and support for HBCU students to pursue degrees and long-term, successful careers in investigative journalism.

Digital Black Press Archives

Expanding access, research and teaching with archival collections and public records to encourage historically-informed best practices throughout the journalism field.

National Outreach and Investigative Projects

Establishing public-facing events, resources and collaborative reporting projects that drive public discourse and showcase innovative news-making.

In the News

The Center is committed to democratizing information to drive collective engagement in pro-democracy journalism.

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